I lost progress on my game (levels went back)

If you are playing on a computer:

1. To improve performance, clear you browser's cache and cookies.
2. Ensure your browser is up to date and you have the latest drivers through websites like WhatIsMyBrowser.com
3. You may also try using a different web browser. We recommended playing the game using Google Chrome.
4. Make sure your browser viewer setting is at 100%. If you zoom in, you may experience technical issues.
5. After trying these troubleshooting steps, close and reopen your browser.

If you are playing on a mobile device (phones and tablets):

Please make sure that you're running the latest game version by visiting your App Store. If you're still experiencing issues, please try closing the app completely, turning your device off and back on, and then relaunching the game.

If you have a Facebook account connected to your game and you're still having problems, try these additional steps:

1. Disconnect your game from Facebook through your settings.
2. Turn your game and any other apps off so that they are no longer running in the background.
3. Turn your device off for a few seconds then turn it back on.
4. Turn on your Facebook app (if you have it) and make sure you are signed in with the correct profile.
5. Reopen your game, connect to Facebook (if you have a Facebook account), and see if your issue is fixed.

If this solution didn't work the first time, it may require that you close Sugar Smash fully and turn it back on a second time.


If the following steps did not resolve your issue, please contact our Sugar Smash Support team so we can manually restore your levels. 

Please note: we can only restore your levels if you connect your game to Facebook. When submitting your ticket, you must be connected to Facebook, otherwise we won't be able to see your Facebook ID.